Toronto Doula Trainings

Become a Carriage House Birth Certified Doula


Foundation Birth Doula Training 
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People all over the world are being called to birth attendance. We hear you.

This is a path of honor, of selflessness and reward. We see you.

Become a sacred space holder that has an active role in supporting people through this profound journey. We feel you.


Our stand out approach connects practicle evidence based birth processes, pragmatic doula business modeling, and the doula skills needed to move forward in this profoundly rewarding career path. In this model we will experience birth from all angles over 3 invaluable days in the cozy womb of Carriage House Birth’s Brooklyn Studio.


The Foundation Birth Doula Training in conjunction with the required work you will do outside of the training will provide you with the information you need to support families with confidence, compassion and professionalism that will speak for itself in your local birth community.


This portion of your training is $900 USD ($350 nonrefundable deposit plus a final payment of $550).

The cost for required reading materials and coursework is  not included in this price and will depend on where you are sourcing your materials and classes from.