Online Doula Training & Classes

Topics covered with Domino Kirke:

  • Attracting the clients that are right for you

  • Managing expectations

  • Reading a room / space

  • Trusting your little voice

  • Rituals for attending / leaving a birthing space

  • Self care

  • Meditation / Asking for guidance

  • Reiki

  • Energetic exchange

Foundation Birth Doula Training

In our online model held over five Tuesdays, we will experience the physiological, emotional, and spiritual elements of birth Doula support while we simultaneously​ address inequities and inequalities that affect our clients while providing you with the baseline information you need to support families with confidence, compassion, and professionalism that will speak for itself in your local birth community.

Intuitive Doula Work 

Case Studies 
Deep dive into topics with our expert doulas. Let's keep the nourishment in place and infuse our bones with resolve so that we can move forward from a foundation that feels strong.  

Homebirth Basics for Doulas 

This 2 hour workshop will help you to be more effective and supportive as a birth doula in a home birth setting.

Topics covered:

  • Homebirth Culture

  • Your role in creating and protecting the labor space

  • Working with homebirth midwives

  • Doula responsibilities

  • Transfers

  • Precipitous labor

  • Doula bag

  • Homebirth kit

  • The Early Postpartum 

Tips, tricks, and shared wisdom on how to balance your personal life and doula career. 


  • Topic covered include:

  • Scheduling

  • Who’s YOUR Doula

  • Rituals 

  • Single parent Doulas

  • Phones

  • Planning vacations

  • Socializing

  • How to talk about what you do

  • Time Management 

Twin Magic for Doulas

Join CHB co-founder and do-director (and parent of twins twice over)  Lindsey Bliss in a workshop deepening your practice for twin families. 

Doula Lifestyle

CHB provides full-spectrum doula support, training and childbirth education in New York City and Los Angeles

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