Birth Doula

Training - September 2021

Tuesdays, Sept 14 - Nov 9,   6-9PM EST

Instructors: Dorcas Davis, Samantha Huggins, Morgane Richardson

Doulas are needed more than ever. 

We are the lighthouse in a storm. 

Join us in supporting those who are navigating birth.

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Birth Doula
Training - January 2022

Tuesdays, Jan 25 - Mar 22,   10AM-1PM EST

Instructors: Dorcas Davis, Samantha Huggins, Morgane Richardson 

Doulas are needed more than ever. 

We are the lighthouse in a storm. 

Join us in supporting those who are navigating birth.

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This Comprehensive 9-Week Birth Doula Foundation Training is a collaboration between Carriage House Birth, Woven Bodies, and Dorcas Davis Consulting.  The training will supply you with the baseline information you need to support families and individuals in the perinatal health space with confidence, compassion, and professionalism.  
Your coursework, along with the required pre-and-post-requisite work, will provide you with opportunities to reflect on yourself in the format that meets your learning and creative needs. You will be pushed beyond the edges of yourself and will be asked to question your biases and privileges while simultaneously addressing the racism and inequalities/inequities that affect our clients.

In this training, you will learn from teachers with different lived experiences and professions, including doulas, antiracist activists, educators, mentors and more. Each week’s foundational learning will be supported by a Weekly Peer and/or Mentor lead Share Circle to support a deeper dive into the materials and offer space for continued learning. 

​All of this information and vital development of the foundation of your practice will be held over 9-weeks, online via weekly 3 hour live zoom sessions. Note: Each live session will be recorded. If you are unable to attend a live session, you will have access to the recordings for the duration of the nine weeks. We’ve made it easier than ever to take the leap to the work that calls you. 

* CHB offers a sliding scale of $599-$999 for a seat in the Birth Doula Training. For complete details click here.



CHB offers a sliding scale of $599-$999 for a seat in the Birth Doula Training. Each training has a limited number of sliding scale options and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please use the corresponding promo code at check out to receive the lower rate.

Please be considerate of your own personal financial situation and privileges when choosing your ticket option.

Use the self-assessment below each Choice to assist you.




  • Comfortable meeting basic needs such as food, clothing, entertainment, etc

  • Find ease in paying rent, mortgages, or other bills

  • Currently employed and/or have access to savings and/or family/inherited wealth

  • Discretionary disposable income 

  • 4-month payment plan available


use promo code CHOICEB or CHOICE-B


  • Occasional financial stressors while meeting basic needs

  • Have housing stability and food security

  • Manageable debt

  • Moderate discretionary disposable income


use promo code CHOICEC or CHOICE-C


  • Frequent stress meeting basic needs

  • Live in low-income housing or have housing instability and/or food insecurity

  • Unemployed or require government assistance

  • Supporting dependents

If the $599 or $799 seats are not available for the trainings listed and you would like to be put on a waitlist please email who will notify you if a lower priced seat becomes available for purchase.


Carriage House Birth is committed to creating access to our Doula Trainings by partnering with Socially Conscious Brands to provide 2-5 full scholarships per doula training.  

Our scholarship program prioritizes Black, Indigenous, Asian and Latinx people regardless of income, LGBTQIA2S+, and people who are experiencing financial hardship in support of our larger goal to provide access for and train doulas who will raise the standard of care for the most vulnerable birthing bodies.


What The Scholarship Includes 

  • Scholarships will cover the cost of the virtual 9 week training.


    Pre Recorded Case Studies


  • Carriage House Birth Pre-Recorded Childbirth Education Class

    What The Scholarship DOES NOT Include

  • Your three continuing education classes taught in your community (infant feeding basics plus 2 other classes related to perinatal health of choice)

  • Prerequisite books 

    Benchmarks for Candidates

  • Prioritizing BIPOC, QTPOC, Queer LGBTQ, People with Disabilities + People experiencing financial hardship

  • Reflective, Forward-Thinking + Creative Responses

  • Submission before the deadline of May 1

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.

We are currently accepting applications for online 2021 trainings.