Foundation Birth Doula Training

Now more than ever we need people to step forward into roles of deep support where it matters most.  

At Carriage House Birth, our stand out approach to Doula work connects practical evidence-based birth processes, pragmatic Doula business modeling, inequities in perinatal health, and the Doula skills needed to move forward in this profoundly rewarding career path. 

In our online model, we will experience the physiological, emotional, spiritual and psychological elements of birth Doula support while we simultaneously​ address inequities and inequalities that affect our clients.

All of this information and vital development of the foundation of your practice will be held over five Tuesdays, together in our cozy online community, making it easier than ever to take the leap to the work that calls you in a manageable way that fits your schedule. ​

Your online coursework, along with the required pre-and-post-requisite work you’ll engage outside of the training, will provide you with the baseline information you need to support families with confidence, compassion, and professionalism that will speak for itself in your local birth community.

Case Studies 

Deep dive into essential subjects with our expert Master Doulas Domino Kirke, Samantha Huggins, and Lindsey Bliss, infusing and deepening your practice so that you can move forward from a foundation that continues to feel strong, no matter what you encounter in this work you are called to do.  

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Carriage House Birth Foundation Birth and Postpartum Trainees, Doulas who have been attending births or taking care of postpartum clients for less than one year, and  anyone in the Doula community looking to dust off a stagnant practice. 

Case Studies are virtual, real-time classes using Zoom and are $75 each.

Home Birth Basics for Doulas 

Your client may decide that a home birth interests them. This differs significantly from a hospital or birth center delivery. Carriage House Birth co-director Samantha Huggins will inform you as to how to be more effective and supportive as a birth Doula in the most intimate of settings - your client's safe space. Topics covered:

  • Home birth culture

  • Your role in creating and protecting the labor space

  • Working with midwives

  • Doula responsibilities

  • Transfers

  • Precipitous labor

  • Doula bag

  • Home birth kit

  • The early postpartum 

Home Birth Basics is $75. 

Photo: Kristy Perez @lifeafterbirthproject


A holistic workshop for doulas supporting the parents of twins.

This two-hour virtual class taught by CHB co-director, Doula, author, and mother of seven - including two sets of twins, Lindsey Bliss and includes:

  • the unedited low down on twin pregnancy/childbirth/parenting 

  • birthing options

  • twin birth plan/preferences 

  • fetal positioning

  • nutrition during pregnancy

  • preparing their home

  • feeding twins

  • twin issues/concerns

  • postpartum support

  • placenta encapsulation

  • guidance on sleep

  • tandem babywearing

  • venturing out with twins

Twin Magic is $75

CHB provides full-spectrum doula support, training, and childbirth education throughout the US and Canada as well as online offerings accessible anywhere on the globe.

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