Stillbirth & Late-Term Loss Support Circle

A safe and supported space to process your feelings 

The loss of your baby is devastating. Stillbirth and late-term pregnancy loss is not something that is talked about and can leave carrying parents and partners feeling isolated and alone.  It is something we cannot be prepared for and leaves us picking up the pieces of the life we thought it would be.


This group has been designed for carrying parents who have had a stillbirth or lost a baby 20+ weeks in pregnancy. Let's come together to create a community that supports each other so we are not so alone in our grief.

This group is facilitated by Marriage and  Family Therapist Dr. Marni Low, LMFT, CASAC.


Abortion Support Circle 

It's hard to talk about abortion. Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy isn’t always an easy one and there are often a variety of feelings attached. Let’s come together to talk about our experiences and support one another in the process. 

This group will cover:

  • Understanding and legitimizing your grief

  • Psychological/emotional impact

  • Open discussion to talk about your experience,  support each other, and develop coping skills. 

The group is facilitated by Marriage and  Family Therapist Dr. Marni Low , LMFT, CASAC.


PMAD'S (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders) Support Group

A safe space for parents to gather and move through the big postpartum feels.

PMADS are the most common complication of birth: one in eight parents experience symptoms. These feelings and emotions can often be overwhelming, scary, upsetting, and at odds with how we think we should feel. They are also out of your control. In this group we connect to share experiences in an open and supportive space and not feel so alone. This group is open to any birthing person who is experiencing or who has experienced Perinatal Mood and Anxiety symptoms. Babies are welcome. 


Photo: Shamara Fabre @lifeafterbirthproject

Miscarriage Support Group

A safe space to process your feelings.

Statistics show that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. While common, miscarriage is rarely openly spoken about which leaves us feeling alone in our grief. In this group dedicated for early miscarriages (up to 20 weeks), join Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Marni Low , LMFT, CASAC, alongside Carriage House Birth and Grand Street Healing to remove isolation from our experience, share in each other's losses, and come together in a safe and supported space.


Artwork by: @axellerosezwartjes