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Carriage House Birth's mission is to equip all birthing people with the knowledge, support, and community they need to birth the way they want to.


Birth is a portal; it is the pathway to life that all of us come through. At CHB, we believe this time and space is sacred. As birthworkers, we are humbled by the journeys and milestone moments we get to witness in the lives of both birthing people and those being born.

We want a world where everyone knows how much birth matters, and is provided the sensitive, confident, and attuned care they deserve.

Until that world arrives, our vision is to not only educate and equip birthing people, but to do it in a way that centers around and honors them, making way for them to experience and exercise their own self-agency in birth. We do this by offering the highest quality childbirth and perinatal education, by cultivating and joining in supportive community with other birthworkers, and by championing causes and individuals who expand and refine the quality of care offered to birthing people everywhere. By walking in our integrity through the whole of our organization, we endeavor to bring all of us closer to this world.

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