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At Carriage House, we have culled our shared birth and postpartum experiences and training to develop a strong, interesting and fun classroom experience. We are so pleased to offer the convenience of online classes! We believe that it is best to fill your perinatal tool bag with as many options as possible even if you can't make it to an in-person offering, therefore we teach what is most useful and use what we feel are the best elements from the various laboring and healing methods that are out there today. Whether at home, in a hospital or a birth center, we believe that good outcomes happen when fear is replaced by confidence and understanding of the gestational body and the very normal experience that is pregnancy, childbirth, and the early postpartum period.

This holistic workshop for expectant families of twins includes:

  • The unedited lowdown on twin pregnancy/childbirth/parenting 

  • Birthing options

  • Twin birth plan/preferences 

  • Fetal positioning

  • Nutrition during pregnancy

  • Preparing their home

  • Feeding twins

  • Twin issues/concerns

  • Postpartum support

  • Placenta encapsulation

  • Guidance on sleep

  • Tandem baby wearing

  • Venturing out with twins

Lindsey Bliss is a co-director at Carriage House Birth, a birth doula, and the mother of seven children, including two sets of twins. Because of this  she knows  quite a bit about twin pregnancy, twin childbirth, and twin parenting. She is a seasoned birth doula that supports twin families in welcoming their double blessings here in NYC.

Twin Magic for Families (ONLINE)


Childbirth Education (ONLINE) 

CHB's world class childbirth education will soon be available worldwide. 

Class covers but is not limited to:


  • Stages of labor

  • Signs of labor

  • Pain coping strategies

  • The role of the partner

  •  What to expect from your birthing location

  •  What to pack and how to prepare

  • Pain medications for labor

  • The postpartum body

Empower Your Birth Plan (ONLINE)

Don't be scared, be prepared.

Planning for the arrival of your baby can feel overwhelming. Let the expertise of Carriage House Birth's Master Doulas guide you in creating your personal birth preferences.  Formally known as the “birth plan", we'll create this valuable tool to reduce any anxieties during your pregnancy and help you figure out the five W's of your birth. 

Who: Choosing your care provider and birth team. 

What: Envisioning your ideal birth. Sensation  management. 

When: Determining when and if inductions, interventions, cesarean birth, cervical exams, are appropriate/necessary. 

Where: Choosing your birth location. 

Why: Care provider questions and asking the right questions so you are prepared for all of your options. 

Lindsey Bliss is a co-director of Carriage House Birth, a birth doula, author, and the mother of seven children, including two sets of twins. 

Photo: Aubrie Nelson @lifeafterbirthproject

CHB provides full-spectrum doula support, training, and childbirth education throughout the US and Canada as well as online offerings accessible anywhere on the globe.

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