Friends of Carriage House Birth 

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We support our community and love our neighborhood, friends, and allies working hard to make the world a better place in meaningful ways. All Carriage House Birth Doula Training and class attendees receive the following discounts with our partners: 


Hatch - code % 

Minka - 

Knix - life after birth project - training get product available for purchase at GSH with 100% of proceeds going to our scholarship fund

The Riveter - members receive complientary CHB classes 

Big and Tiny - members receive complientary CHB classes in LA

Package Free - who takes our training xyz locations 10% off 

Moon Juice - Anyone who takes our class xyz locations

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Moon Juice Carriage House Birth

CHB provides full-spectrum doula support, doula trainings, and family education throughout the US and Canada as well as online offerings accessible anywhere on the globe.

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