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Did you know that when we learn through storytelling our fancy ass brains create oxytocin? That’s right! And that the more oxytocin we have flowing the more likely we are to help others! AND oxytocin totally enhances our experiences which means we are more likely to remember them. And what does a perinatal enthusiast like more than oxytocin? NOTHING. Well maybe babies or birthing people but oxytocin is definitely way up there on things we tattoo on our bodies, wear on our shirts and have made into bumper stickers.

Flash forward to a Carriage House Birth Doula classroom.

More stories please! This is the feedback we get all of the time when we hear from our doula students. And you know what? We totally agree. At one of the most recent trainings we taught, we were able to deep dive more on a couple of cases and...

It. Was. Dreamy.

So without further ado, we now offer a Case Studies breakdown where you can deep dive with us on one recent case twice monthly. We will share a case, lean into the areas that needed doula support, what the outcome was, alternatives to how the case was handled by the doula and end with a juicy if not thorough Q&A.

A little FAQ:

I live in another state or country. What happens if I can’t make the time?

After each class we will email out a link to the video archive of the class with a password. The class will be available for one week.

If I am a student of Carriage House Birth’s Birth or Postpartum Foundation Doula Training, do the case studies count towards my certification?

YES! We require that you attend 5 online Case Studies as part of your Carriage House Birth Foundation Certification.

Can I take the class if I am not a CHB Foundation Doula Student?

Yes! That’s fine. You do however, need to be a doula or a doula student and be on the other side of the workshop portion of your training.

How do I sign up for the Case Studies?

Just click on this link. It will direct you to all of our online offerings for doulas and more!

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