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Export to a variety of file types:Use the built-in Export to Print module to send high-quality files to the 2D printer, plotter, or other output device.Add modeling to 2D views:Increase the number of digital and physical reference points in a 2D drawing. Use modeling tools to improve the accuracy of your drafting. You can also incorporate 2D drawings into 3D models.Discover 2D blueprinting:Create professional-looking 2D blueprints for printing on paper, online, and with the AutoCAD Web App.Extend architectural design with BIM capabilities:A variety of tools to enhance your 2D drafting and design workflow. You can also use the 2D design features to build 3D models.See 3D models from any angle:3D views let you see the 3D model from any angle. Create sketch views by rotating the view around a central axis.Communicate better with your team:Set up collaborative drawings or synchronized views with various levels of detail.Bring your data to life with interactive 3D visualization:3D visualization enables designers to see and interact with their data.Timely 2D printing:Import and convert DXF or DWG files to 3D printing files. You can also convert 2D models to 3D and directly print 2D drawings.Use the AutoCAD Web App to view your 3D models:Access your drawings from anywhere in the world. You can also download the latest AutoCAD to your device and continue working offline.Meet CAD ManagerWhen you open CAD Manager, you can discover useful CAD resources that are automatically synchronized with your system, such as other CAD drawings and shared files.Share data with others:Make your drawings available online for other users to view and download. You can also share your drawings with people who do not have AutoCAD installed on their computer.Easily share your designs:Start a new drawing with a template or convert an existing drawing to a template.Monitor and sync your CAD assets with the cloud:You can access all of your files from anywhere in the world, even if you’re offline. You can also set CAD Manager to update automatically when files are changed or when other users download 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [2022]

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