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What Should Be Indicated in the Theoretical Chapter?

Often, teachers refer to the theoretical part not only information on the topic, but also the introduction. This section is intended to tell the examination committee about the work, subject and object, the relevance of the study, goals and objectives, and the methodological framework. Based on this part, teachers evaluate whether the student understands what he is talking about, what he studied and analyzed, in which enterprise or example.

Directly in the first chapter of the graduation project, the student must briefly state the main aspects, theses, definitions on the topic. It is possible to draw a parallel with previously published works in the area under consideration in order to study the material in more depth. It is necessary to disclose the main mechanisms and actions within the framework of the topic under consideration: analysis methods, common algorithms of actions in specific or similar situations, what and how to do in certain cases, methods of modernization, optimization currently used in practice.

In the theoretical chapter, the author should outline the general picture, bring to the practical part. For this you should:

  • identify the main points (answer the question "What is it? How does it work?"),

  • consider possible options for determining the cause of the incident (answer the question "How and why did this happen?"),

  • describe the most common measures that can solve the problem ("How to fix the situation?").

In addition to text, theory may include tables, charts, diagrams, illustrations. Each section and paragraph should contain reasoned conclusions. This will show the the student's readiness for work, the degree of his professionalism. Recommendations from experienced authors:

  • Try to collect as much information on the topic as possible, and then systematize it and present it correctly. This will take a lot of time and effort.

  • The graduation project should not contain grammatical, punctuation, speech errors, typos. The material is presented in a scientific language in accordance with the principles: capacity, clarity, brevity, clarity, consistency.

  • In order not to violate the requirements for plagiarism, it is recommended to avoid excessive quoting.

  • Each resource listed in the bibliographic list must be mentioned in the thesis. It must contain a link or footnote.

  • The project is submitted to the department within a certain timeframe (usually at least 2 weeks before the defense). By this time, the diploma should be completed, checked by the curator and issued.

  • To get the highest grade, the diploma student must provide the examination committee with a work in accordance with the requirements of the educational institution. The bibliographic list is drawn up in accordance as well.

  • Do not put off writing a theory until the last day. It is far from always possible to collect and process information quickly.

Thus, writing the theoretical part of the diploma is a complex process that requires skills and abilities in the field of collecting, processing and systematizing information. The theory is intended to explain the main points of the topic under consideration and smoothly bring the researcher and readers (the commission) to the practical part.

You have to work hard to get a good grade. If a student does not have enough time for a high-quality completion of a graduation project, then it is better to turn to qualified specialists.

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