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How to Finish a Started Book, or The Secrets of Those Who Finish a Novel

Many writers, including experienced ones, suffer from the disease of "beginning": they start one story and abandon it, start a second story and abandon it again, getting carried away with the third. Start a third - and suddenly decide to go back to the first.

Some have the time and opportunity to lead one or two stories in parallel, while others are floundering, choosing. And never can finish any of the stories they started.

And some have a single work in hand, which is being written for several years and can never finish.

It's all, of course, professional essay editing psychology - it's boring to do the same thing, you have to think a lot, the work increases with each new page, as well as fatigue. And also it is contagious influence of insights: together with a new idea comes inspiration, and it seems that it is easy to write, and here this book must finish ... But the first 20-30 pages in a rush of inspiration written, the idea dims, and there comes a painful realization: the world is not spelled out, the characters are unclear, the intrigue - too, no storyline. And there is no continuation in sight.

And the story, too, is abandoned.

Pathetic? By the way, custom term paper writing this is an important point. If the story timidly makes a voice once every six months, and you never once felt sorry for her, gathering dust in a remote corner of the hard drive, there is no point in taking it. But if you do, if it often recalls and dreams - then...

Option 1: you need constant interest.

What is boring is not interesting. And uninteresting can be for two reasons:

(a) The story is thought out so that there are no white spots in it. The hero's path is traversed, and the point of writing it down?

b) the story doesn't have what you want to say for yourself - no thoughts of your own, experiences that you want to share with readers.

In that case, you can look at the story from a different angle. Come up with a different ending (or even a few alternative endings), introduce a new hero or a bright character who bursts into the dusty plot with a fresh breeze and diversifies events. And, of course, you have to find that magic hook with which the story is hooked. To remember where the desire to write the story came from. And to decide what, besides the plot events, one wants to share. What, in fact, is the purpose of writing? And then - with excitement to explore them.

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