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August 2018

"Had the most amazing and beautiful natural labor thanks to my wonderful doula Katharine Tabor! She was incredibly supportive, caring and empowering. I HIGHLY recommend hiring her as your doula!" - Jade Diaz via Facebook

March 2015

"Passionate. Responsive. Responsible. These women are paving the way for change in NYC, where the current birth climate is insulting to women and their bodies. They are creating community, offering heart felt support and all of them have great skills. Can't say enough good things about them." - Elizabeth Bachner via Facebook

January 2019

"What a caring group of birth workers. I attended their birth doula training in November and they built a safe space for both sharing and learning. They have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and compassion. Their program is inclusive and centered around empowering care. I would recommend taking their class for those who even are interested in learning about holding space for another, even if they don't pursue the whole certification." - Shelby Veazey via Google Reviews

October 2018

"First off I would just like to say that if you are checking out this page and CHB doesn't have a ton of reviews yet it's because I liked the weekend intensive course so much that I asked Samantha to create a Yelp account for CHB. They have been around for many years (since 2011) and are very experienced. My only "negative" feedback is that when I was looking for a Childbirth Intensive class to do I wasn't able to see any reviews on Yelp for peace of mind :)

That said, pregnancy is stressful business, especially for first time parents. What to expect as we get closer to the end of the pregnancy? What's up with this or that weird thing your body and baby are doing? The stressful anticipation of the big day. How are we going to do all of this together? And not to mention the overriding sense of "oh shit when this is all done it's just going to be starting"....

So professional help is very welcome and NEEDED. The Childbirth Weekend Intensive with Samantha was beyond professional. It was clear that she and Melissa, who was assisting her, were doulas and educators because they are very passionate about helping women and couples have a positive and meaningful birth experience. 

When I originally imagined the weekend intensive course I imagined two packed and stressful days spent just jamming information into our minds, but what I experienced was the absolute opposite. The pace of the course was perfect and didn't feel overwhelming as the term "intensive" would suggest. Asking questions at any point about anything was encouraged. The other couples at the course were hugely beneficial to the overall experience since we all brought different types of questions to the table. We all learned a lot about the biology of birth, strategies for managing paying, strategies for having a good experience at the hospital, and really we received a solid foundation for coping with everything that we had ahead of us. At the end of the weekend we did not feel overwhelmed but rather empowered. 

I would also like to stress that I think it's unusual to interact with someone teaching a course that seems to care so much about your experience and your outcomes. Samantha's empathy and caring really stood out for me and she was also very knowledgeable and able to competently answer all of our questions (even the weird over technical ones).

So THANK YOU CHB and Samantha for getting us emotionally and intellectually prepared for the big day and beyond!" - Thomas F. via Yelp

CHB provides full-spectrum doula support, training, and childbirth education throughout the US and Canada as well as online offerings accessible anywhere on the globe.

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